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Indian Bloggers's List

Abhishek Nandakumar


Abhinav Krishna



Hear n' There

Amit Verma

India Uncut


Anil's Musings

Ankit Agarwal


User Description - i write articles and you will find lot of interesting stuff to read.

Ankur Banerjee

Great Quizzard's Blog

Anunay Sahay

Logically Illogical Ramblings....


Indian Tech Blog

The best new Indian tech blog !

Arjun Attam

Scribbled Hysteria

Ashesh Prasann

Azaadi - Freedom of the Mind

Atin Kumar

The Jolly Pirate

Aurojit Panda

Its a Panda's Life ...

Ayush Gupta

Ramblings of a Jaded Mind ...

Bhavya Khanna

Blah !!!


Brajeshwar | Flash Platform Analyst

Divye Kapoor

Computers @ IIT

Dhruv Chopra

I know the pieces fit ...

George Koshy , Bangalore

Chewing the Cud

Jetru (pen name), Bangalore



Jhaji's Blogywood


Stupid Cupid

Twisted Cinema

Karan Misra , Stanford

Karan's Journal

Koushik Venkatasubramanian

Formula One and More

Nimish Batra , New Delhi

Nimish Batra, Life and times of

Praveen Damodhar, Bangalore


Rahul Bagaria

The Plasmic Condensate

User Description - This is a very cute and adorable blog of mine which has my views on my fav. topics which i comment upon usually and is updated regularly as i think....

Rashmi Bansal

Youth Curry - Insight on Indian Youth

Ravi Yadav




Rohit Sud

Rohit's Blog

User Description - My opinion about anything and everything!

Sagar Raha , Jaipur

The Mauve Sky

Sensations (Pen Name)


Siddharth Razdan , New Delhi

Siddharth Razdan's Blog

Shashank Shekhar

The Brutish Life of NeotheBRUTE


Everything Indian


! Just Me !

Sumedh Prasad

Crotchets & Quavers

Sudhakar Subramanian

Sushank Saha

Emotions Amplified!!


Tarun's Blog

Uma Damle

Uma's Brainwaves

Varun Mishra


Vega Chauhan

Dead Letters

Vivek Panda

Straight From the Heart

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